Saturday, July 28, 2018

Kleos Space signs contract with GomSpace for the supply of nanosatellites

Luxembourg-based Kleos Space S.A., state-of-the-art space technology operator, is proud to announce the signature of a contract for the supply of a multi- nanosatellite system with GomSpace A/S - a subsidiary of GomSpace Group AB. The signature follows the announcement of an authorisation to proceed with GomSpace in March 2018. The contract value (includes R and D, test equipment and launcher integration support) is approx. 2,42 million EUR and the delivery of the multi-nanosatellite system is expected to take place in Q2 2019. Kleos Space aims to guard borders, protect assets and save lives by delivering global activity based intelligence and geolocation as a service. The first Kleos Space satellite system, known as Kleos Scouting Mission (KSM), will perform technology demonstration that will be the keystone for a later global high capacity constellation. The Scouting Mission will deliver targeted daily services with the full constellation delivering near-real-time global observation. "GomSpace is a critical partner for Kleos to deliver our goal of providing global RF geolocation intelligence as a service. We continue to be impressed with the quality, value, responsiveness and capability of the GomSpace team who have shown themselves to be able to work truly synergistically with the Kleos team", says Andy Bowyer, CEO at Kleos Space.

"Kleos is a fantastic example of the revolution that is taking place in New Space. We are happy to see the perfect match between our technology roadmap and the services that Kleos will provide and we are confident that this collaboration will be a success", says Niels Buus, CEO at GomSpace.

Kleos Space's accessible and commercial solutions respond to the world's countries concerns with regards to surveillance, intelligence gathering and defence issues.

Kleos Space S.A. is a Space enabled, Maritime Activity Based Intelligence - Data as a Service company based in Luxembourg. The company is also developing In-Space Manufacturing technology for near and long term commercial applications. It was recently announced that the company, a spin out of a UK Space Engineering company; Magna Parva plans to IPO on the ASX in July 2018.

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